MIG statisticsΒΆ


A script to generate consensus coverage statistics, i.e. molecular identifier group (MIG) size distribution.



java -jar migec.jar Histogram checkout/ histogram/

Running this script will generate several files in histogram folder, the one important for basic data processing is overseq.txt. The header of table contains MIG sizes (in log2 scale), while each row corresponds to a de-multiplexed sample contains the number of reads in MIGs of a given size (cumulative abundance).

For a decent dataset the plot of cumulative abundance display a small peak at MIG size of 1 that could be attributed to erroneous MIGs and has an exponential decline, and a clear peak at MIG size of 10+ containing amplified MIGs. Those erroneous MIGs could arise as experimental artifacts, however the most common reason for their presence is an error event in UMI sequence itself. Note that the latter is only valid when number of distinct UMIs is far lower than theoretically possible UMI diversity (e.g. 4^12 for 12-letter UMI regions)!

MIG size cutoff in Assemble should be set to dissect erroneous MIGs while retaining amplified ones. If peaks overlap collision filtering should be considered.

A simple plotting routine written in R can facilitate visualization of MIG size distributions, available here.


The --only-first-read option should be used if it is also specified in Assemble routine for consensus coverage estimates to be concordant.